Employee Assisted Programmes (EAP)

The Aims and Objectives of the Programme:

The employer pays for the services and in this way discharges their duty of care to the employee.

Service is provided in two ways:

  1. In house bespoke stress inoculation programmes addressing staff needs.

  2. Providing employees with a counselling / psychotherapy service. An employee can request a confidential service over an agreed period of time to help deal with a difficulty or conflict which is affecting his/ her ability to work productively.

The Benefit to the Company:

  • Reduction of sick leave / absenteeism
  • Reduction in staff on medication thereby reduction in side effects
  • Greater Awareness on the part of both employee/employer of short and longterm damage stress can do
  • Reduction in company insurance claims
  • Increase productivity
  • Creation of more harmonious staff and workplace

Dr Helena Schlindwein is a Fellow of the National Council of Pyschotherapists which is the highest accreditation possible in the field and is registered with Carecall Employee Assistance Programmes providing:

  • Corporate Health & Wellbeing
  • Face-Face Counselling
  • Mediation Services
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Stress Consultancy & Training